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The opportunity to train for and compete in international championships

under the umbrella of Sakagami Sensei, 8th Dan.Supported by his world class team of Coaches


Represent your country

FEW European Championships

World Championships in Japan

Japanese Nationals in Japan

Bilateral European Championships


We’re winners!

The Wadokai England squad won 66 medals at the FEW European Championships in 2015, which were hosted in Budapest.

Wadokai England athletes came home with a record 19 medals from the 2015 Wado-Kai World Cup in Nagoya, Japan (coming joint fourth in the medal table).

Wadokai England came top of the medal table at the FEW European Championships in 2014 with 32 golds; 31 silvers and 47 bronze medals, which were hosted in Reading, Berkshire.

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