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Sensei Winston has won many titles:

Numerous International, National & Domestic Titles in Kumite & Kata: –


British (BKF) & England Champion (EKGB)

European Silver & Bronze team medallist

Higashi National Champion 10 times

Higashi Team Kata Champion


Many various Open National & International Titles including:

Venice Cup

German Open

Welsh Open (Kumite & Kata)

Shotokan Open & Southern Regional

Jersey Open

Freestyle Open


Many various domestic titles including Kata


Former England International under the coaching of Ticky Donovan OBE and Vic Charles MBE.


Winston gained considerable knowledge from both men on coaching & training techniques.





Pretty much in the same way many people did, saw martial arts films on TV & pretended to do all the fancy kicks at home & often practicing on younger brother!

There was a new Wado Ryu club in operation at the local community centre so I attended with my best friend and haven’t looked back since.

Over the years I have tried-out various Arts including Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Kick Boxing but admired that power evident in Karate and found that it provided me with the greatest challenge.

There can be no denying that the road to success isn’t a short one and isn’t without its challenges but the rewards can be endless for those who persevere.

I was honoured to be selected onto the National Squad, which is always an extra special achievement for people with conflicting priorities such as demanding careers and young families as was the case with myself.

I am very proud that I made the grade of excellence at a time England Karate and World Karate was at one of its strongest.

Whilst a member of the National Squad I travelled, trained, competed and socialised with many great Internationals such as: Dr Wayne Otto OBE; Ian Cole; Paul Alderson; Willi Thomas; Toni Twins; Patricia Duggan; Augustus Paul; Terry Daley; Jason Ledgister; Tanya Weeks; Diane Riley; Mike Harris and Junior Campbell. Working with such elite individuals brought many benefits and allowed me to view their approach to Karate in general and in particular to competition Karate.

Karate has allowed me to visit many countries I might not have had to opportunity to see and provided lifelong friends and for this I am very grateful.



Weak techniques, bullies and people who exploit Martial Arts solely for personal gain.



‘All rounders’ (exponents of both Kumite and Kata) as well as music, fun & laughter, theatre, travelling, eating out and of course family time.



Continue to learn & develop as an individual annd to coach a future World/Olympic Champion



Close-line sweep (Winston William’s special)

Visit Winton’s website: http://www.scorpionkarate.co.uk/

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