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Sensei Lee has been practising and studying martial arts for many years.


He started training in 1977 and has trained with some of the world’s top Wado instructors including Sensei(s) Sakagami, Shiomitsu, Sugasawa and Suzuki, among many other Japanese and English instructors.


He has been national champion several times, European champion and competed at world level. He was invited to help coach on the Wadokai England national squad after retiring from active competition.


Since then he has held positions of Senior Kata coach, Senior Kumite coach, head coach for Wadkai England and has been involved with the squad as a coach since the 1990’s.

During this time he has coached and help people to compete and win at National, International and World tournament levels.


Lee continues to coach the squad as a Kata coach as he follows his professional career with Derby Karate Academy, he also teaches in local schools and colleges and is the Wado Karate coach for Loughborough University.


During a trip to Japan in 2010 Lee took part in the World and Japanese National Championships (after coming out of retirement, again) and received a medal and certificate of commendation for his efforts.  He was the only non-Japanese person to reach the final eight in his category and came sixth overall.


While training in Japan he took and passed an instructor / examiner’s exam and now is a qualified examiner for the J.K.F. Japanese Karate Federation.


Lee also works as a qualified professional therapist in his own private clinic, where his treatments include massage therapy and injury work: www.backpainrelief-derby.co.uk

As a well respected Karate-ka, registered with Japan Wado-Kai, Lee has also been featured in ‘Traditional Karate’ magazine and continues to train and develop his karate to the best of his abilities to pass on his knowledge to the Academy and the Wadokai England Squad.


“ It’s a privilege to work with so many talented people, from the instructors I have been fortunate enough to train with, my fellow coaches and the athletes themselves, I still draw inspiration from them all. ”

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