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I have been a proud parent of a competitor in the Wadokai England squad (my eldest daughter Sophie) since 2010 and became more involved when I was invited to become Safeguarding Officer in 2014.


I was also asked to join the Organising Committee for the 2014 FEW European Championships, which I’m happy to reflect was a roaring success.


I also jointly run Worcester Karate Academy with Sensei Gary Mcclenaghan; the club has 100+ students and we’re growing nicely.


As well as being proud to support the whole Wadokai England squad, it’s heart-warming to see Worcester Karate Academy’s own Alex and Sophie competing regularly at international level.


My role encompasses delivering First Aid at our monthly squad training sessions as well as international Championships at European and world level.

I also support the Wadokai England Coaches and management team in having their First Aid and DBS checks in place and up to date.


I am also the Assistant Safeguarding Officer for Aiwakai Karate-do Federation.

I have a professional child care background and hence have Targeted II Safeguarding certification. In turn Wadokai England and Aiwakai have the benefit of a management-level safeguarding umbrella.


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